Marrakech city tours

Visit Marrakech.
After breakfast, at the appointed time, I find in your Riad / Hotel and view of the city. Here are the most important visits.

– Palais Bahia. The construction of the Bahia Palace was commissioned by Ahmed ben Moussa, influential and powerful business man, who was vizier (the highest after the king charge) Sultan Abdelaziz late nineteenth century.
>From an ancient residence, which was owned by his father, and appropriating a set of adjacent houses, the vizier commissioned design work and construction of his palace Moroccan architect Muhammad al-Mekki. The works lasted six years, from 1894 to 1900, during which the best craftsmen and workers from around the country worked without interruption.

It is said that Ahmed ben Moussa dedicated this magnificent palace especially his favorite between 4 wives and 24 concubines that made his harem; in fact, Palais Bahia Palace means beautiful or brilliant.

You can visit only a third of the palace; the rest is privately owned by the royal family.

– Saadian Tombs. Located in an enclosed garden located next to the Kasbah mosque, the Saadian tombs represent a beautiful royal cemetery which is traveled daily by hundreds of tourists.
While building dates from 1557, when Ahmed El Mansour sent to build a mausoleum over the grave of his father, with the coming to power of the Alawite Sultan Moulay Ismail was decided to hide behind a cemetery wall. Because of this, the place was hidden for a long time, until it was rediscovered in 1917 and then restored by the service of Fine Arts and Historical Monuments.

In the main mausoleum, consisting of three rooms, the tombs of the Saadian dynasty that reigned during the “Golden Age” of Marrakech, between 1524 and 1659. Inside the building draws particular attention to the Hall of Twelve Columns are arranged where the remains of Ahmad al-Mansur along with his family. The decor consists of cedar and stucco, Italian marble and glazed tiles.
Finally, in the gardens of the building it is possible to see about a hundred more graves, where the remains of warriors and servants of the royal family.

– Majorelle Gardens. Majorelle Gardens were created in 1924 by Jacques Majorelle, French painter who settled in Marrakech in 1919. At first the painter gardens served as inspiration, but in 1947 opened to the public in general. Since 1980, the Majorelle Gardens owned by Yves Saint Laurent.
If you like Islamic art in the gardens you can visit a small museum.
The Majorelle Gardens are a fairly large garden with many different plants. Plants are divided into cacti, palms, bamboo, garden plants and aquatic plants.

– Menara Gardens. Menara Gardens are the best known of Marrakech gardens. They were created in 1870 on an ancient Almohad pond.
In these gardens you will see a large pond chaired by a striking building and thousands of olive trees that are watered through him.
The central building that presides over the lake was commissioned by Sultan Sidi Mohammed and reportedly was once the site of the romantic encounters of the sultans of the city